So, as you are probably aware, a lot of us are very, very, very upset about the death of Mona Vanderwaal, our queen, so I’ve decided to start a little something in honour of her memory so the fandom can come together by sharing gifs/picspams/graphics/playlists/fanfics or whatever else you like to create every day and mourn the loss of one of the best characters in TV show history. The week will start on Monday September 1st and continue for 7 days. Please tag all posts relating to the week with mvaw2014. Rest In Peace, Mona Vanderwaal, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

Day 1, September 1stFavorite season

Day 2, September 2ndFavorite episode

Day 3, September 3rdFavorite/most heartbreaking/most badass/funniest moment

Day 4September 4thFavorite romantic relationship (canon or non canon)

Day 5, September 5thFavorite friendship

Day 6, September 6thFavorite personality

Day 7, September 7thFavorite quote(s) 

Hope you all have fun with this Mona week, try not to cry too much and don’t forget to reblog and spread the word!

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Spoby PSA, don’t text/talk and drive

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Pretty Little Liars RIP Mona #FatalFinale

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#RIPMona, we will miss you.